February 1958 we’ve opened our doors to supply the aquarium industry with livestock and aquarium products. Now 60 years later we’re proud to be Europe’s leading supplier for marine animals and aquarium products, supplying the aquatic stores and public aquaria worldwide.
This year the new expansion of the company was also finished, which makes the total surface for holding livestock and aquarium products 6000 square meters for our location in Spijk. With more than 50 people in The Netherlands we’re working hard to supply the aquarium industry every day with the highest quality.
This year also our new collecting station in Cuba was finished and is now operational to supply the aquarium industry with the highest quality of marine animals from the Caribbean.
With the 3th generation ready to carry on the family business, we’re willing to grow further and supply the aquarium industry for many more years.
We want to thank all the customer over the years that made this all possible.
The photos are from the 1960s and the 1980s.

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